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DDMM is deeply committed to bring about a difference in the present cardiac health scenario in the country. There is a considerable increase in the spread of heart diseases in the entire world, especially in India. Coronary heart disease in India accounts for nearly 16.5 percent of all male deaths and 17.1 percent of all female deaths. Many of the factors putting Indians at risk are the same that have made CHD the killer of some seven million worldwide each year: an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, stress and consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

DDMM regularly conducts 'Patient Awareness Programs' with the aim of creating awareness among people about heart diseases. Under this program, special seminars for heart patients and general public are organized, focusing on various heart ailments and means to prevent them. We also conduct outreach programs in various areas for diagnosis as well as prevention of coronary heart disease. Flyers, posters and pamphlets are distributed to provide essential information in a simple format

In the quest to keep abreast with developments in the field, weekly academic sessions are held for doctors, nurses and technicians. In addition, seminars and workshops are held by the team for other members of the medical field through various medical associations. 'Health Awareness' talks are given by the team through many forums
DDMM is a tribute to the remarkable personality of Shri Dharmsinh Desai - Member of Parliament, businessman, educationist, philanthropist and a true friend of Nadiad. His sad demise in Indonesia due to massive myocardial infarction left his family and the entire town in despair. However, it was soon realized that a fitting tribute to the city's Samaritan would be by constructing a hospital in Nadiad that is devoted to the humanitarian care of those suffering from diseases of the heart. Thus, by the collaboration of Methodist Church in India and Dharmsinh Desai Foundation, a unique society, now known as DDMM Heart Institute, was formed. This comprises DDMM Institute of Cardiology, CJ Patel Institute of Cardiac Research and GMDC Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.
Dharmsinh Desai Memorial Methodist Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular surgery, known as the DDMM Heart Institute, is a super specialty hospital in Nadiad, dedicated for Cardiovascular care. It combines state of the art facilities with compassionate care and makes this available to people of all walks of life - both from Gujarat and the surrounding regions

Today, DDMM is a cardiac super specialty center with ultra modern diagnostic and treatment facilities consisting of centrally air conditioned cardiac operation theaters, critical care units and its most recent addition- the AXIOM Artis dFC with flat detector technology from Siemens, the hi tech catheterization laboratory for complete imaging, examination and interventions. In addition the Blood Bank, Pathology, Physiotherapy and Dietary departments ensure round-the - clock care

DDMM has the vision of 'making world class cardiac care available and affordable to all'. In shouldering this responsibility, it has to constantly adapt to the changing scenarios in health care. It is this nature which empowers it to take care of the precious beat of life….
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Types of surgeries encompass Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgeries (CABG) Replacement of Heart Valves, correction of complex defects of the heart and many more
DDMM is one of the leading centers in the world performing exclusively TAR (Total Arterial Revascularisation) for patients undergoing CABG
Many pioneering techniques routinely performed at the Institute include - 'beating heart' surgeries, 'Y' graft technique, CABG on a conscious patient
More than 50,000 patients including adults and children seen till 2006
More than 2000 patients have undergone cardiac surgeries
Nearly 300 cardiac surgeries performed successfully on small children - youngest being 32 hours
About 20% of the patients are from outside Gujarat State
More than 8000 angiographies performed
2000 angioplasty with stent implantation, including drug eluting stents, successfully performed
Interventions including Balloon Mitral Valvotomy, Pulmonary and Aortic valvotomies, Permanent pacemaker implantation done routinely
Primary Angioplasty – done immediately on admission with myocardial infarct performed regularly
Stress echo – pharmacological and tread mill performed in OPD
More than 1,00,000 tests in the laboratory per year
About 250 units of blood issued by the Blood Bank
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